The versatile room divider that has multiple uses.

Churches and places of worship have many requirements and that's why these large portable room dividers fit the bill. Children, teens, and adults can enjoy a feeling of privacy and calm, free of distractions during classes, worship, or when doing crafts. 

The easy-to-use, accordion-style temporary partitions are great for dividing Sunday School classrooms or large sanctuaries for small-group Bible study. Furthermore, you can create a temporary overflow worship area for large crowds.



Extremely versatile

Portable and easy to use


Exceptionally durable

Practical and economical

Remarkably stable



1. Creating Sunday school classrooms

2. Separating groups in a large room

3. Cutting down on overall room noise

4. Dividing a sanctuary space

5. Creating smaller spaces in worship halls

6. Making a speaker backdrop

7. Use as a bulletin board




Divide a room

Churches and community halls are often large open rooms with not much division for breakout groups. Screenflex makes it easy to divide a room no matter how big or small your requirements. 

Bulletin board

Our fabric screens are the ideal surface for creating a notice board or a place to display scripts and artwork. The screens accept staples, pushpins, and thumbtacks and come in a choice of colours. 

Small meeting room

The screens are great for creating “L,” “U,” cross, or curve shapes creating an ideal room for worship or for Sunday school classes. You can even join two together for larger requirements.


Some of our happy customers in New Zealand.......

Karori Anglican Church

The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints


Room dividers are stackable, taking up little space when not being used.