The sensible solution.

Industrial screen dividers are durable and heavy duty. They provide a functional solution for many companies and have been used in a secure area for luggage and passenger screening at an airport, crowd control at an event, or screening within a warehouse. Wherever the need for division, the partition screens can be rolled into place on self-leveling caster wheels to create a stable and sturdy wall.

The partition screens can act as safety barriers in a manufacturing plant or an easy way to prevent passengers from wandering into terminals not in use.  The ease with which they can be moved makes these dividers versatile and a great investment  




Extremely versatile

Easy to use

Sound absorbing

Exceptionally durable

Remarkably stable




1. Create secure areas

2. Create privacy wherever needed

3. Passenger screening

4. Crowd Control

5. Divide an area but still need vision

6. Create warehouse screening

7. Create maintenance safety barrier






The need for security at airports is paramount, so having a highly portable lockable room divider allows officials to move these to where they are needed.

Locking Corner Castors

The lockable corners make these dividers perfect for high traffic areas. Exceptionally durable and extremely versatile.

Heavy Duty

Extra features and more robust construction ensure flawless operation making these the perfect for commercial use.


Here are some examples of our customers who are currently using Screenflex.

Auckland International Airport

Capital Coast DHB

Wellington Hospitals & Health Foundation

Aviation Service Ltd

Gisbourne District Council

NZ Transport Agency

North Shore Events Centre

South Waikato District Council



Create a safe and sturdy wall to secure an area from the public.