The portable office partition.

Regardless of the size or type of area you are responsible for managing, it can be quite a challenge. Constant change in the workplace and the need for additional space puts a strain on management to create additional rooms, often with a limited budget. The need for space varies from sectioning off departments, creating instant training rooms or setting up a
sound-proof meeting room.

Portable office partitions are not just about dividing areas, as they are also ideal for writing on using the whiteboard surface or the clear acrylic covering. They are perfect for capturing information at meetings and brainstorming. 



Extremely versatile

Portable and easy to use


Exceptionally durable

Practical and economical

Remarkably stable

Multi-purpose usage




1. Dividing office space

2. Creating meeting rooms

3. Cutting down on overall room noise

4. Instant training rooms

5. Use of a portable whiteboard to capture ideas

6. Use to display creative work 





Acoustic Office Partitions

We all know that noise travels, especially in an open plan office. Screenflex office dividers not only provide a new space but also block out 55% of noise. The sound absorbing panels can be fixed to the wall as well as used in the portable dividers.

White Board

Every office needs a place to brainstorm ideas and  capture information on a whiteboard. We can make your divider panels with dry erase material instead of covered in fabric or vinyl, or we have the option of a hanging portable whiteboard for even more flexibility.

Clear Acrylic Board

The crystal clear acrylic panels are perfect for capturing ideas and can be used with wet-erase and liquid chalk markers. These clear office screens are ideal for small offices where floorspace is at a premium.



Here are some of our happy customers.....

Auckland International Airport

Financial Health

Flexigroup New Zealand Ltd

IAG New Zealand

Aviation Services Ltd

The Bluestone Room

Ports of Auckland


"Nothing is as constant as change" so whether you need a meeting room or an instant training room, Screenflex does it all.