Product Options

There are a whole range of product accessories that can be added to your portable room dividers to enable them to work for you in your space. So whether you need a door or a window or simply want to connect screens together we have all you need to make it work.

Screenflex Display Towers

Display Towers

Tack, pin or staple artwork, flyers or other instructional material directly onto the sleek and versatile three or six-panel Display Tower. With up to 136 sq. ft. of display area, the Display Tower is a great addition to any office, conference room or exhibit

accousic panels_screenflex.jpg

Acoustic Wall Panels

Dampen the sound in any room with these sound absorbing, tackable panels. Use tacks, pins or staples to adhere items onto the panels.

These panels can be used in a vertical or horizontal position and can reduce sound by up to 55%.

Healthflex Screen - Screenflex


The Healthflex divider provides privacy in hospitals and other medical facilities. A factory applied antimicrobial coating protects the panels from the spread of germs. The privacy screens are available in many colours and come in 6 heights and 6 different lengths to fit any space.

Door Option Screenflex

Door Panel

This swing-style door opens from either direction and can be held open by an industrial magnet. An optional window may be added if desired. A door panel adds 60cm of length to the end of the divider.

An easy and convenient way to get through to another space without having to move the dividers, ideal for class rooms or large spaces and venues.

Window option Screenflex


Factory installed windows are available in three sizes. Windows can be added to any number of panels or a door panel. Some restrictions apply.


Screenflex Multi unit Connector

MultiUnit Connector

Need a longer divider? Affix chrome plated latches to the end frame of most Screenflex Room Dividers to secure units together, end-to-end, for longer partitions. The connector can also be used to connect Clear Dividers.