An instant solution.

Home and industry healthcare temporary room dividers are easy to use and perfect to create patient privacy. Healthflex Privacy Screens provide privacy in a variety of settings including in the doctor's office, dental facility, pharmacy, physical therapy room, health clinic, hospital, school nurse's office, nursing home, or in emergency relief centres.

Each panel of the unit is also treated with a factory applied antimicrobial coating to prevent the spread of germs.



Extremely versatile

Easy to use

Sound absorbing

Exceptionally durable

Practical and economical

Remarkably stable

Antibacterial covering



1. Divide a large room

2. Create privacy wherever needed

3. Cut down on room noise

4. Screen off a patient 

5. Hide medical supplies

6. Make backdrops for guest speakers





Due to so many of these screens being used in the health care industry the Heath flexscreens come with a antimicrobial coating to prevent the spread of germs.


These screens are highly versatile and extremely portable making this screen useful in many situations from private screenings to barriers to entry.

Sound Proof Partitions

A divider will help you create a quieter environment. The honeycomb core dampens the noise that may otherwise be distressing, blocking upto 65% of sound.



Room divider screens are sound-absorbing, blocking up to 65% of noise from the other side.