The perfect solution.

Administrators, teachers, and students alike will enjoy the versatility and privacy these accordion-style classroom divider partitions provide. Divide one room for two classes with ease or create a variety of temporary wall configurations with our classroom dividers.

These portable partitions are great for creating “L,” “U,” cross, or curve shapes around desks. Connect two or more school dividers to make complex configurations or long continuous lengths. The sky is the limit when it comes to your creative setup ideas! Simply walk dividers open, placing corners where needed.



Extremely versatile

Easy to use

Sound absorbing

Exceptionally durable

Practical and economical

Remarkably stable




1. Divide a classroom

2. Create privacy wherever needed

3. Cut down on room noise

4. Make space for before- and after-school programs

5. Screen student-restricted areas

6. Make backdrops for guest speakers




Fabric-covered school dividers accept staples, pushpins, and thumbtacks for displaying school projects and artwork. Choose from an array of colours to brighten up your classroom display. 

White Board

We can make some or all of your divider panels into white boards with dry erase material instead of covered in fabric or vinyl. Thus making these temporary partitions a great resource in the classroom.


Adding our Scotchgard option will help protect the portable partitions from dirt and stains. This means they will stay looking like new for longer and can be used for display purposes too.


Here are some of our happy customers.....

Carmel College


NZ Institute of Fashion Technology

Waitakere City School of Dance

University of Auckland

Cambridge High School

Sacred Health Girls College

Kaka Street Special School

University of Victoria

Kuratau School

Geraldine High School


Portable partitions are sound-absorbing, blocking up to 55% of noise from the other side.